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Cannes Lions Health – June 18th in Cannes, France | Hacking Health: Using and to Prevent Asthma

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Hugo is a recognised thought leader, speaker and commentator for the likes of HBR, The Guardian, WIRED, Marketing Week, Computer Weekly on topics such as Data, Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking, Digital Strategy and User Experience.

His passion comes to life when he talks about the projects he leads and the people he works with as Innovation Leader at IBM Interactive Experience, as a startup mentor and as a connector of different ecosystems of the future.

Organisations HE collaborateS with:


University College London
The Drum
The Drum


Guardian Tech
The Guardian
Open Data Incubator EU
The Open Data Institute
Nimbus ninety ignite
Nimbus Ninety


Harvard Business Review Summit
HBR Summit 2015
Festival of Marketing AI
FOM 2016
Computer Weekly 500
Computer Weekly
Ad Age
Ad Age


His Mantra: Show me, don’t tell me

He believes it is possible to create new things, that drive businesses forward and move humanity closer to the future – simultaneously.

Fun fact: Hugo learned English from movies, as his parents owned a video rental since he was 11 years old (that means lots of cinema references and an American accent).

Hugo has facilitated workshops, lead discussion panels and round tables, and is a public speaker on the topics of:

  • User Experience & Design Thinking
  • Big Data & Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things & Blockchain
  • Business Strategy & Innovation

Some of his recent speaking engagements include:

  • Festival of Media Global – May 8th in Rome, Italy |”AI is Changing Everything…and there’s no going back”
  • Artificial Intelligence in Business & Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 | Reinventing the Wheel with AI
  • Remix London 2017 in London, UK | How Cognitive is changing everything…even love!
  • World Innovation Convention in Berlin, Germany |UX & AI  keynote
  • IMW 2016 in Bucharest, Romania (Watch the video here) | UX & AI keynote
  • UXCON 2016 in Brescia, Italy | UX & AI keynote
  • Nimbus Ninety IGNITE in London, UK | UX & Strategy keynote
  • Festival of Marketing 2016 in London, UK | AI discussion panel
  • HBR 2015 Summit in Guanajuato, Mexico |  Big Data discussion panel

For public speaking engagements please get in touch through the following email: hugo@hugomcpinto.com