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If you want to attend a future session, or want to bring me to your company, university or other venue, please get in touch via email.


Duration: 45 minutes + Q&A (Includes preparing a specific use case for team sessions)

In the age of experimentation, data is not something you want to sell. It is an asset you want to generate more of, understand which is relevant, and how it can be actioned to generate value. But to be successful in doing so, organizations need to think beyond the limits of what they do today, internally, for their users and for the ecosystem. Hugo shares stories of how this has happened before, and how you can replicate this for your business and your career.


Duration: 60 minutes + Q&A (Includes preparing a specific use case for team sessions)

Many organisations have unsuccessfully trying to implement chatbots with very limited penetration and success. I present a business logic and design process to use conversational user interfaces in building end to end experiences that connect customers to the different employees required to fulfil the service when it’s needed, in the right location, format and channel. I walk through examples in Telecoms, Fashion Retail, Energy trading, Data and insights services as well as utilities.


Duration: 30 minutes + Q&A (Case studies will be tailored to target industry/sector/function)

How AI can be put to work in delivering quantifiable value for your organisation. Different Approaches and scopes for AI work. Thinking strategically and going from incremental to disruptive mindset. I also do a masterclass format of this for non-technical and senior leadership, helping them apply AI to short term challenges, while helping them wield this new toolkit to redesign their functions and jobs.


Duration: 30 minutes + Q&A (Includes preparing a specific use case for team sessions)

Dispelling myths around blockchain, what it purpose is and how it can be integrated into your current technology stacks. Identifying adjacent use cases and strategies to rollout, and power entire business units to perform in real-time, data-driven mode. Designing teams and delivery plans to go from concept to implementation.


Duration: 90 minutes + Q&A (Can include workshop for team sessions: 1/2 or 1 day)

Building Digital capabilities across industries and geographic areas, that can boost a technology and consulting business and transform project based relationships into evolving relationships based on trust and future-proofing the growth of your business. This needs to take into account the different dimensions of disruption impacting businesses, but also how to align a matrix style organisation, to compelling go to market messages and profitability of the business.

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