I’ve been thinking about how the role of humans and AI coming together works a lot lately.

The media tends to portray the negatives in a very distortional and decontextualised way, but the truth is most of the effects that already visible in society are being driven, even if in different dimensions, by humans.

The person that buys this infrared scanner to include in hand-soap dispensers for this company is clearly not educated on BIAS, or shortcomings of their decision (probably a cost-oriented one).

The officers capturing facial data in London probably thinks they’re entitled to demand for someone to show their face for the camera to capture that information, but he’s probably unaware that GDPR goes beyond a signature on a piece of paper acknowledging the capture of citizen’s data (click on the image above for this awesome documentary).

The recruiter using the candidate sorting algorithm is probably doing that to be able to cope with the volume of candidates he needs to sift through, because he had to increase the amount of candidates to try and comply with the new diversity guidelines the company has agreed to achieve by 2025.


“This looks like the thinking of a machine to me” Morpheus, in the Matrix.


We have been teaching and reinforcing people to behave like executioners of tasks, and I believe we need to educate, empower and impact everyone that will be exposed to making these decisions. And I believe training them in AI alone is not the solution.

Teaching people about thinking how what they do impacts colleagues, clients, customers is the start. Then thinking what are the things they need to change, what are the things they need to learn about and finding where to get that support, and finally in changing your bit of the world by doing this continually, and never stopping their learning journey,

I want to play my part in informing the people I work with on what this is and how it manifests, but also on what they need to do to act on it. Training teams on what to look out for, how to think about their job, and how to redesign it in the light of how this new mindset is impacting their jobs, their families and society in general.

I’ll be using this section of my website to share what I find – I’d love to hear back what your findings are as well, so I’m happy to share this platform for whomever wants to contribute.