After doing some preparation a Social Media training session for a customer, I started putting together some key Internet dates, and a few keep coming back when I think about what’s happening on the WWW (Whole Wide World) today, as genius concepts that have changed everything! Blogger Started in August […]

Blogs, Video & Photography: The Internet’s American Dream

The deep transformations affecting the business models of the digital age are having a huge impact on respective marketing functions. It’s transforming from a “Vanity” to a performance stance – and C-level stakeholders now demand business relevance to back up a set of marketing activities. It’s not only the market […]

3 key marketing strategies for the digital age: Thought Leadership, ...

Google’s blogger was my first choice to build my website and start sharing my thoughts (at least the digital ones) with whomever is interested in reading them. Also, i believe in the reign of content, and i’m sure well written and marketed content will go places on the world wide […]

Blogger vs. WordPress