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The Oscars are the pinnacle of cinema, and a huge point of conversion for a lot of generations. Each generation has their preferred touch points with the event, and the most conservative still go to a movie theatre to watch it overnight, and the younger ones will only read the […]

Like music, the movie industry still hasn’t learned: the #oscars2014

This is a fantastic visualisation that allows you to filter and track the last 15 years of purchases of todays internet colossus. The genius interactive timeline, allows you to clearly visualise the battlefields: e-commerce, advertising, hardware and content, among others. Extract from the post below. Trends crystallized by the Simply […]

Repost Techcrunch: Visualizing 15 Years Of Acquisitions By Apple, Google, ...

16Bn sounds like a lot – but it’s a fact that disruption is already happening in social media, and snapchat, line, kik and obviously whatsapp are some of the responsible entities. So 16Bn for 10 minutes each day of time spent by users on a mobile phone, sounds like a […]

Why facebook spent 16Bn buying the engagement tool for the ...

The announcement of an IPO from has brought up the usual facebook-like articles, of Candy crush is dead, or why it’s already dropping in users, etc. Like my previous article about why facebook is not dead, modern gaming companies are not dead – and their business models are based […]

Bah-zynga! Why’s IPO is a no-brainer and the company ...

For the past few days, Ad:tech India 2014 has been interacting with me on twitter raising some interesting points and trying to figure out the future of Digital. The dialogue began around one of my blog posts, laying out one of the many paths of embracing the digital reality brands and […]

Data is the new partner for cloud, social and mobile ...

The era of the apps is producing us some new funny and at the same time macabre episodes – the most recent one: flappy bird! A game that went viral, reportedly making $50.000 per day in advertising, and the developer deleted it from the apple store and google play. Screenshot […]

Community management as a service – how the developer of ...

Lately, i’ve been getting more used to listening phrases like, building a website is expensive, difficult and time consuming. Most people spend quite a bit of time on social media networks, and many of the professionals in the marketing area discuss and comment on what’s going on. This post documents an easy […]

How to build a mobile optimised website, social presence and ...

About 50 people try to get the 15 minutes late bus under persistent rain near Trafalgar square. Tube stations are closed and you can either walk, fight for a cab or try to get that bus. I’m one of the 2m London commuters trying to get that bus. Having taken […]

How the #London #tubestrike can be good for (some) businesses