My mind has been bubbling for a while about the depth of the disruption autonomous (even just the digitisation of) vehicles will bring about – and the automotive industry is only the tip of the iceberg. I tend to talk a lot about how breaking silos first within your business, […]

Is Mobility the iPhone of Infrastructure?

The younger generations don’t bank like older ones do. They tend to think of banking as the management of money – earning, spending and investing – and Financial services institutions are struggling to figure out their place and relationship with these new clients.   “They [younger generations] tend to think […]

3 core capabilities for the future of the FS industry

In the past few days a huge social media movement has risen about baby Gammy – the six-month-old child allegedly abandoned by an Australian couple because he has Down’s syndrome. He was born along with it’s healthy twin from a surrogate mom in Thailand, which was accepted by the parents, and was taken […]

Power to the people: 3 effects of the growth of ...

Free will is the basic principle of freedom – but technology seems to be making it very difficult to “enforce” as we move forward in the digital age. It’s been quite a few years since the “right to be forgotten” has first been featured in the media, and even more […]

The right to be forgotten – Transparency vs. Censorship

The User-centric economy is here. Businesses change and adapt to consumers’ new needs and expectations. Computational capacity has increased exponentially (more than 300.000x), and the cost of storage has been driven down to the point at which if we compare it with the automotive industry, we’d be able to buy […]

Personal Data: Are we imposing the transformation on the consumers ...

  Was the general public aware that all Internet businesses were harnessing their personal data and using it in unidentified or even legal ways? Did you read the Terms and Conditions of every app you installed on your smart phone? Do you know what personal information is and what it […]

Has Snowden’s whistleblowing improved Internet security?