Real-time is a big part of the hype around big data and there’s a real reason for that. We are generating more and more data and it is increasingly being integrated in performance dashboards, the advertising displayed while we browse the web or in an outdoor, and in all the […]

If you’re going to be a part of the real-time ...

  It comes as no surprise that M2M is the new ecosystem generator, and connected cars are one of the hottest ones at the moment. Apple has followed the footsteps of Google and announced a new UI for a few automotive brands, where you can enhance your smartphone’s functionality, while […]

Getting the new ecosystems is of the essence if you ...

One of the big hypes at mwc this year is privacy and the blackphone is making its bang with its PrivatOS – a security-oriented Android build in techcrunch article. Remember how blackberry stormed the corporate mobile handset market with their secure e-mail? It always seems to be hardware before software, […]

Blackphone at #mwc14: when are we getting an app that ...

16Bn sounds like a lot – but it’s a fact that disruption is already happening in social media, and snapchat, line, kik and obviously whatsapp are some of the responsible entities. So 16Bn for 10 minutes each day of time spent by users on a mobile phone, sounds like a […]

Why facebook spent 16Bn buying the engagement tool for the ...

Google’s blogger was my first choice to build my website and start sharing my thoughts (at least the digital ones) with whomever is interested in reading them. Also, i believe in the reign of content, and i’m sure well written and marketed content will go places on the world wide […]

Blogger vs. WordPress

The announcement of an IPO from has brought up the usual facebook-like articles, of Candy crush is dead, or why it’s already dropping in users, etc. Like my previous article about why facebook is not dead, modern gaming companies are not dead – and their business models are based […]

Bah-zynga! Why’s IPO is a no-brainer and the company ...

For the past few days, Ad:tech India 2014 has been interacting with me on twitter raising some interesting points and trying to figure out the future of Digital. The dialogue began around one of my blog posts, laying out one of the many paths of embracing the digital reality brands and […]

Data is the new partner for cloud, social and mobile ...

It was clear that Balmer had nothing left to give Microsoft, so the announcement of his departure didn’t come as a surprise to many in the digital world. And having Satya as the emerging CEO, coming from within is beginning to create this momentum around Microsoft. image from digital trends […]

How the stars are aligning for microsoft to become a ...

Collaboration and social have become the new hype in corporate enterprise jargon. Every department knows they are key but when it comes to signing off on budgets everyone gets very nervous. Here’s a good scenario of what you might expect without much set up or tech infrastructure – just you, […]

Digital transformation for the corporate environment