financial services

PSD2 & Open banking have propelled banks into their next generation of services, whether they are onboard or not.   Regulation has kick-started a process that has deep impact in the industry. With these regulations, the access to the information (and data) as well as the permission to engage with consumers through GDPR, […]

PSD2: Growth driven regulation

The younger generations don’t bank like older ones do. They tend to think of banking as the management of money – earning, spending and investing – and Financial services institutions are struggling to figure out their place and relationship with these new clients.   “They [younger generations] tend to think […]

3 core capabilities for the future of the FS industry

  There’s still a lot of open fields for TELCO’s to play, but there needs to be a clear understanding of what markets are growing, and which ones there’s still an advantage to be leveraged. Here are a few initiatives that not only make sense, but also are also very […]

Direct to bill, open data as a service and personal ...

It’s no news that the finance industry has been facing a lot of threats and challenges, and in the last few years, especially around cyber-security, and more recently with legislative changes that promise to end the record-breaking profits the biggest financial institutions on the planet report year after year. Bitcoin […]

Is bitcoin the finance industry’s napster?