I can’t avoid feeling surprised whenever I come across teenagers and youngsters trying to solve the world around them, and I also can’t stop thinking all we’ve built so far, are toys about to be transformed into game-changing tools. It’s my second time with Elena & Team, mentoring, speaking and […]

Teens in AI 2018 – Purpose trumps Tech

Almost any one user of the World Wide Web has used social media at some point. Around 80% of all Internet users visit a social media website once per month and at least 60% of those use it on a daily basis. At this point Social Media has taken over the mobile […]

Crowdsourcing is the best product of the social, mobile, cloud ...

  It never ceases to amaze me how entrepreneurial people are. Bieber was one of the first ones to take advantage of a video camera, self-confidence and creativity (and some mom) and use the web to jump to stardom. The great thing is not everyone must become a star – […]

Why the web (in whatever device you consume it) is ...