PSD2 & Open banking have propelled banks into their next generation of services, whether they are onboard or not.   Regulation has kick-started a process that has deep impact in the industry. With these regulations, the access to the information (and data) as well as the permission to engage with consumers through GDPR, […]

PSD2: Growth driven regulation

I can’t avoid feeling surprised whenever I come across teenagers and youngsters trying to solve the world around them, and I also can’t stop thinking all we’ve built so far, are toys about to be transformed into game-changing tools. It’s my second time with Elena & Team, mentoring, speaking and […]

Teens in AI 2018 – Purpose trumps Tech

There has been a lot of discussion around the impact of AI and how we should try to understand what that impact could be, but I think it’s time to create control mechanisms that minimise potential catastrophic consequences.   Everyone saw the exchange between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Everyone […]

Partnership on AI: What needs to come next!

It’s been one month since I joined Accenture as a Managing Director (last Friday, 1st) and the best word to describe the journey so far is excitement – lots of it! After the awesome people I worked with over the past 3 years (and all of my career) I did […]

Accenture Digital: First Month

With so many fun predictions around #AI, and after the AIBE Summit last week, I thought I’d list some interesting Narrow AI examples and attach some fun concepts I’ve come across – some even in market. I am a believer of the “Show me don’t tell me” philosophy, so adding some […]

Narrow AI today: the building blocks of tomorrow

Helping make the world a better place working with the best global talent and using its biggest “bucket of Lego” is why I joined IBM about two years ago. It began with understanding how IoT is changing medical devices like asthma inhalers (I’d come across it in a Life Sciences […]

How IBM Innovates (and helps 250m Asthmatics in the process)

The younger generations don’t bank like older ones do. They tend to think of banking as the management of money – earning, spending and investing – and Financial services institutions are struggling to figure out their place and relationship with these new clients.   “They [younger generations] tend to think […]

3 core capabilities for the future of the FS industry

Busy days and lots of news since my last post – finished 3 consultancy projects and completed opening the door to IBM. It’s been a great few months testing the waters as a consultant in the UK, and the projects were very interesting and promising (Hope to be writing about how […]

Why I’ve joined the Big Blue #IBM

Powering on through the world of Crowdsourcing, and how it has been prospering in the digital age, come the news about a UCLA & JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab) project working on Low energy Wifi reflector. This opens a real window of opportunity for a quantum leap. One of the question marks […]

Crowdsourced Wifi – batteries not included!