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Free will is the basic principle of freedom – but technology seems to be making it very difficult to “enforce” as we move forward in the digital age. It’s been quite a few years since the “right to be forgotten” has first been featured in the media, and even more […]

The right to be forgotten – Transparency vs. Censorship

  Was the general public aware that all Internet businesses were harnessing their personal data and using it in unidentified or even legal ways? Did you read the Terms and Conditions of every app you installed on your smart phone? Do you know what personal information is and what it […]

Has Snowden’s whistleblowing improved Internet security?

It’s no news that the finance industry has been facing a lot of threats and challenges, and in the last few years, especially around cyber-security, and more recently with legislative changes that promise to end the record-breaking profits the biggest financial institutions on the planet report year after year. Bitcoin […]

Is bitcoin the finance industry’s napster?

One of the big hypes at mwc this year is privacy and the blackphone is making its bang with its PrivatOS – a security-oriented Android build in techcrunch article. Remember how blackberry stormed the corporate mobile handset market with their secure e-mail? It always seems to be hardware before software, […]

Blackphone at #mwc14: when are we getting an app that ...