(This is not my drawing – but I do amazing stick figures…) After being challenged by a colleague from our Mobile Centre of Competence, I took on the challenge of trying the iPad pro for a couple of weeks to see how I got along, and I used the opportunity […]

IPad pro review: just a few more updates and I’ll ...

If you like conveying ideas and concepts through drawing, then this is for you!   It’s been a few months now that I found this through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, and ever since I saw the video I fell in love with the idea. You can watch the pitch video below. The […]

Butterfly Board – my portable whiteboard!

This is a basic and crude reality of the digital age – for people to care; they have to know it exists. It’s difficult standing out in the middle of so much content and information, and usually not properly structured as Sir Tim Berners Lee would have wanted. From branding to […]

Content Marketing: What has the Ice Bucket Challenge done for ...

After doing some preparation a Social Media training session for a customer, I started putting together some key Internet dates, and a few keep coming back when I think about what’s happening on the WWW (Whole Wide World) today, as genius concepts that have changed everything! Blogger Started in August […]

Blogs, Video & Photography: The Internet’s American Dream

The deep transformations affecting the business models of the digital age are having a huge impact on respective marketing functions. It’s transforming from a “Vanity” to a performance stance – and C-level stakeholders now demand business relevance to back up a set of marketing activities. It’s not only the market […]

3 key marketing strategies for the digital age: Thought Leadership, ...

The Oscars are the pinnacle of cinema, and a huge point of conversion for a lot of generations. Each generation has their preferred touch points with the event, and the most conservative still go to a movie theatre to watch it overnight, and the younger ones will only read the […]

Like music, the movie industry still hasn’t learned: the #oscars2014