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This is a basic and crude reality of the digital age – for people to care; they have to know it exists. It’s difficult standing out in the middle of so much content and information, and usually not properly structured as Sir Tim Berners Lee would have wanted. From branding to […]

Content Marketing: What has the Ice Bucket Challenge done for ...

I’ve written about this quite often, but it’s never enough to get every tech and innovation company, big or small, thinking how to make sure their product or solution fits in the market, and ensure the market understands why it’s so great! Marcomms or Marketing Communications has changed a lot […]

Setting the standards of your industry one story at a ...

The deep transformations affecting the business models of the digital age are having a huge impact on respective marketing functions. It’s transforming from a “Vanity” to a performance stance – and C-level stakeholders now demand business relevance to back up a set of marketing activities. It’s not only the market […]

3 key marketing strategies for the digital age: Thought Leadership, ...

The Oscars are the pinnacle of cinema, and a huge point of conversion for a lot of generations. Each generation has their preferred touch points with the event, and the most conservative still go to a movie theatre to watch it overnight, and the younger ones will only read the […]

Like music, the movie industry still hasn’t learned: the #oscars2014