My mind has been bubbling for a while about the depth of the disruption autonomous (even just the digitisation of) vehicles will bring about – and the automotive industry is only the tip of the iceberg. I tend to talk a lot about how breaking silos first within your business, […]

Is Mobility the iPhone of Infrastructure?

Growth is not what it used to be – It used to be as simple as adding a new feature, spending millions in marketing and bang – but not any more. It’s become especially challenging in industries that have clear expiry dates defined by regulators, or whose customers will not […]

Finding growth outside the core business

Today is my last day at IBM.   It’s been an exhilarating journey of discovery, breakthrough and change. Discovery I’ve discovered the best talent, technology and opportunity I’ve had the chance to work with so far in my career. Learned from awesome talent that regardless of seniority always had something […]

You’ve changed me forever IBM

It’s been two and a half years since I’ve joined IBM Interactive Experience, and the vision of the future is becoming clearer for the big blue. It’s only getting faster You’ll notice a new branding has surfaced for iX and it focuses on the premises that brought me (and a […]

Show me don’t sell me: business by design @IBM iX

2017 has been a very busy year – it’s good to be in demand, but difficult to keep scaling. So far, I’ve ran 16 workshops and done 3 keynotes – that’s more than one of these engagements every week. It’s interesting to see that even if you stick to your geographic remit, […]

Tech, people and culture: 3 silver bullets from 16 workshops ...

Innovation is the hype word of the last decade, ever since companies realised Moore’s law and technology doesn’t just affect IT, they know they need to change, and they need to be prepared to do so continuously.   That helps us understand why everyone needs to become an innovator and […]

12 insights to accelerate the impact of corporate innovation

Busy days and lots of news since my last post – finished 3 consultancy projects and completed opening the door to IBM. It’s been a great few months testing the waters as a consultant in the UK, and the projects were very interesting and promising (Hope to be writing about how […]

Why I’ve joined the Big Blue #IBM

Innovation is a hot topic and every Fortune 500 wants to boost it’s innovative stance and highlight how they’re investing in it. But most large companies keep falling in the same traps while failing to understand what the key learnings from the new digital giants – Facebook, Google, Amazon – […]

Eureka: 3 insights large companies need to understand to succeed ...

Powering on through the world of Crowdsourcing, and how it has been prospering in the digital age, come the news about a UCLA & JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab) project working on Low energy Wifi reflector. This opens a real window of opportunity for a quantum leap. One of the question marks […]

Crowdsourced Wifi – batteries not included!

Instant messaging is already 16% in Japan, 12% in the US and 9% in the UK, according to Nielsen. It represents the freedom to communicate with anyone, anywhere and at anytime – but it’s also had a deeper impact in user experience – we now expect everything to happen in realtime. […]

The future of instant messaging [Whatsapp & Snapchat] is both ...