I can’t avoid feeling surprised whenever I come across teenagers and youngsters trying to solve the world around them, and I also can’t stop thinking all we’ve built so far, are toys about to be transformed into game-changing tools. It’s my second time with Elena & Team, mentoring, speaking and […]

Teens in AI 2018 – Purpose trumps Tech

Traditional businesses are struggling to truly transform. Amidst failed digital transformation programmes and a difficulty to change cultures, many giants decide to stick to what they know best – decline. Keep true, towards the iceberg This decision seriously hinders their chance of a prospering survival, and retaining their current relationships […]

Horizontal Business Models: The Gift of Digital Disruption

There has been a lot of discussion around the impact of AI and how we should try to understand what that impact could be, but I think it’s time to create control mechanisms that minimise potential catastrophic consequences.   Everyone saw the exchange between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Everyone […]

Partnership on AI: What needs to come next!

Artificial Intelligence is one of today’s defining technologies when it comes to disrupting industries, activities and basic human needs. But it’s implications go way beyond killer robots and job loss. And we’re currently getting stuck in resisting evolution, we need to start seeing beyond that. MONEY TALKS & BULL$**# WALKS It is fascinating […]

AI today and tomorrow: augmenting human intelligence

With so many fun predictions around #AI, and after the AIBE Summit last week, I thought I’d list some interesting Narrow AI examples and attach some fun concepts I’ve come across – some even in market. I am a believer of the “Show me don’t tell me” philosophy, so adding some […]

Narrow AI today: the building blocks of tomorrow

I love a good argument, so please, humour me. Things have been moving forward so fast and the acceleration of innovation opens so many gaps, people have been having a hard time keeping up. It feels like technology, just like politics is going through a period of uncertainty. It tends […]

Give #AI a break: it’s about to fuel the biggest ...

Helping make the world a better place working with the best global talent and using its biggest “bucket of Lego” is why I joined IBM about two years ago. It began with understanding how IoT is changing medical devices like asthma inhalers (I’d come across it in a Life Sciences […]

How IBM Innovates (and helps 250m Asthmatics in the process)