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I love a good argument, so please, humour me. Things have been moving forward so fast and the acceleration of innovation opens so many gaps, people have been having a hard time keeping up. It feels like technology, just like politics is going through a period of uncertainty. It tends […]

Give #AI a break: it’s about to fuel the biggest ...

(This is not my drawing – but I do amazing stick figures…) After being challenged by a colleague from our Mobile Centre of Competence, I took on the challenge of trying the iPad pro for a couple of weeks to see how I got along, and I used the opportunity […]

IPad pro review: just a few more updates and I’ll ...

If you like conveying ideas and concepts through drawing, then this is for you!   It’s been a few months now that I found this through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, and ever since I saw the video I fell in love with the idea. You can watch the pitch video below. The […]

Butterfly Board – my portable whiteboard!