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Innovation is a hot topic and every Fortune 500 wants to boost it’s innovative stance and highlight how they’re investing in it. But most large companies keep falling in the same traps while failing to understand what the key learnings from the new digital giants – Facebook, Google, Amazon – […]

Eureka: 3 insights large companies need to understand to succeed ...

This is a basic and crude reality of the digital age – for people to care; they have to know it exists. It’s difficult standing out in the middle of so much content and information, and usually not properly structured as Sir Tim Berners Lee would have wanted. From branding to […]

Content Marketing: What has the Ice Bucket Challenge done for ...

After doing some preparation a Social Media training session for a customer, I started putting together some key Internet dates, and a few keep coming back when I think about what’s happening on the WWW (Whole Wide World) today, as genius concepts that have changed everything! Blogger Started in August […]

Blogs, Video & Photography: The Internet’s American Dream

Powering on through the world of Crowdsourcing, and how it has been prospering in the digital age, come the news about a UCLA & JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab) project working on Low energy Wifi reflector. This opens a real window of opportunity for a quantum leap. One of the question marks […]

Crowdsourced Wifi – batteries not included!

Almost any one user of the World Wide Web has used social media at some point. Around 80% of all Internet users visit a social media website once per month and at least 60% of those use it on a daily basis. At this point Social Media has taken over the mobile […]

Crowdsourcing is the best product of the social, mobile, cloud ...

In the past few days a huge social media movement has risen about baby Gammy – the six-month-old child allegedly abandoned by an Australian couple because he has Down’s syndrome. He was born along with it’s healthy twin from a surrogate mom in Thailand, which was accepted by the parents, and was taken […]

Power to the people: 3 effects of the growth of ...