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The User-centric economy is here. Businesses change and adapt to consumers’ new needs and expectations. Computational capacity has increased exponentially (more than 300.000x), and the cost of storage has been driven down to the point at which if we compare it with the automotive industry, we’d be able to buy […]

Personal Data: Are we imposing the transformation on the consumers ...

  Was the general public aware that all Internet businesses were harnessing their personal data and using it in unidentified or even legal ways? Did you read the Terms and Conditions of every app you installed on your smart phone? Do you know what personal information is and what it […]

Has Snowden’s whistleblowing improved Internet security?

  There’s still a lot of open fields for TELCO’s to play, but there needs to be a clear understanding of what markets are growing, and which ones there’s still an advantage to be leveraged. Here are a few initiatives that not only make sense, but also are also very […]

Direct to bill, open data as a service and personal ...

It’s no news that the finance industry has been facing a lot of threats and challenges, and in the last few years, especially around cyber-security, and more recently with legislative changes that promise to end the record-breaking profits the biggest financial institutions on the planet report year after year. Bitcoin […]

Is bitcoin the finance industry’s napster?

Real-time is a big part of the hype around big data and there’s a real reason for that. We are generating more and more data and it is increasingly being integrated in performance dashboards, the advertising displayed while we browse the web or in an outdoor, and in all the […]

If you’re going to be a part of the real-time ...

  It comes as no surprise that M2M is the new ecosystem generator, and connected cars are one of the hottest ones at the moment. Apple has followed the footsteps of Google and announced a new UI for a few automotive brands, where you can enhance your smartphone’s functionality, while […]

Getting the new ecosystems is of the essence if you ...

The Oscars are the pinnacle of cinema, and a huge point of conversion for a lot of generations. Each generation has their preferred touch points with the event, and the most conservative still go to a movie theatre to watch it overnight, and the younger ones will only read the […]

Like music, the movie industry still hasn’t learned: the #oscars2014