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Reading this article brought back an eternal belief, that has been on my mind since my MTV years, back when i managed their online business for Spain and Portugal. The article [read here] begins by using the Super Bowl as the example of such a comparison and says TV is […]

Comparisons between TV and digital video can’t be based on ...

This post follows my participation in the debate for the Guardian around the ongoing discussion between SEO and Social Media, hosted by Jemima Kiss, Head of technology editorial, from the Guardian.The other participants: Ian Duncan Director of strategy, MediaCo Craig Lister Head of Reprise Media Paul Smith Vice-president for EMEA, Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Neil […]

Choose your weapon: SEO or social media? @Guardian

Trust is one of the biggest issues when we speak about data. But it doesn’t have to be an issue. Using data adds more value than it creates risks. At the moment the conversation is totally absorbed in capacity, infrastructure – “my Big Data is bigger than yours” talk – […]

“Risk vs Opportunities: finding the balance in data” in The ...