PSD2 & Open banking have propelled banks into their next generation of services, whether they are onboard or not.   Regulation has kick-started a process that has deep impact in the industry. With these regulations, the access to the information (and data) as well as the permission to engage with consumers through GDPR, […]

PSD2: Growth driven regulation

My mind has been bubbling for a while about the depth of the disruption autonomous (even just the digitisation of) vehicles will bring about – and the automotive industry is only the tip of the iceberg. I tend to talk a lot about how breaking silos first within your business, […]

Is Mobility the iPhone of Infrastructure?

I can’t avoid feeling surprised whenever I come across teenagers and youngsters trying to solve the world around them, and I also can’t stop thinking all we’ve built so far, are toys about to be transformed into game-changing tools. It’s my second time with Elena & Team, mentoring, speaking and […]

Teens in AI 2018 – Purpose trumps Tech

With the momentum created by all the negative media around AI, I believe we need more clarity on what are the benefits for humans with mundane jobs, the very type we say is coming close to being automated. There are many steps between today’s world and one where that super intelligence […]

AI in Financial Services: Creating Teams of Superheroes

Growth is not what it used to be – It used to be as simple as adding a new feature, spending millions in marketing and bang – but not any more. It’s become especially challenging in industries that have clear expiry dates defined by regulators, or whose customers will not […]

Finding growth outside the core business

Traditional businesses are struggling to truly transform. Amidst failed digital transformation programmes and a difficulty to change cultures, many giants decide to stick to what they know best – decline. Keep true, towards the iceberg This decision seriously hinders their chance of a prospering survival, and retaining their current relationships […]

Horizontal Business Models: The Gift of Digital Disruption

There has been a lot of discussion around the impact of AI and how we should try to understand what that impact could be, but I think it’s time to create control mechanisms that minimise potential catastrophic consequences.   Everyone saw the exchange between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Everyone […]

Partnership on AI: What needs to come next!

It’s been one month since I joined Accenture as a Managing Director (last Friday, 1st) and the best word to describe the journey so far is excitement – lots of it! After the awesome people I worked with over the past 3 years (and all of my career) I did […]

Accenture Digital: First Month

Today is my last day at IBM.   It’s been an exhilarating journey of discovery, breakthrough and change. Discovery I’ve discovered the best talent, technology and opportunity I’ve had the chance to work with so far in my career. Learned from awesome talent that regardless of seniority always had something […]

You’ve changed me forever IBM